Chicken Skin

Slightly random topic here, but who likes chicken skin?  Seriously.  Based on a recent poll of friends and coworkers, maybe only 2 or 3 in every 5 people like it.  If we are talking women, that number drops to maybe 1 out of 5 (was told more than once that eating skin or off the bone is barbaric).  Shocking low numbers for something so darn delicious.

The topic came up around a week ago at work.  I was telling a coworker that my neighbors wouldn’t eat chicken skin and that my wife does not like it either.  He mentioned his wife would also not eat it.  At the same time two other coworkers chimed in and indicated they too would not choose to eat chicken skin.  Shocked by that response, I started asking people about it around the office.  Low and behold, most people were not a fan of the chicken skin.  Unbelievable.  Given the choice, I would eat all my chicken with the skin on and have on occasion just eat the skin by itself.

For those of you who don’t like chicken skin, perhaps you have had a bad experience.  Under seasoned and slimy texture are two ways I can think your experience could go bad.  Here are some ideas and tips to reintroduce this tasty food item back into your life.

  • Before Roasting, Smoking, Pan Frying, or Grilling Your Chicken – Dry the Skin
    • If you want crispy, not soggy skin, make sure it is dry before you season and cook it.  It is a simple step that is often missed.  I usually rise off my chicken and pat it dry with paper towels, then let it air dry while it comes up to room temp.
  • Make Sure Your Seasoning Has Salt
    • This helps not only with flavor, but it helps to dry out the skin.  Yet another tool to get a tasty layer of skin on your chicken.
  • Try Pan Frying or Broiling Left Over Skin
    • Think of this as chicken bacon.  Fry this up right and its gets super crispy.  You can crumble on salads, take pieces and put them on your sandwich (its a POW no one expects on their sandwich), or just plain eat it.  Its very rich, so a little can go a long way.
  • Don’t Microwave
    • For those of you who love the microwave.  Just don’t do it.  It will be soggy and the texture will be awful.

Chicken skin I think has gotten a bad rap with all this “boneless” and “skinless” craze.  We forget that some fat is OK.  I encourage you to give it another shot, at least once.  I mean, think how tasty traditional wings are, especially compared to boneless wings.  Its because they have skin on them!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. 53old says:

    Chicken skin is good. Turkey skin is even better. Duck skin is the best.


    1. Nerd Dad says:

      Agreed. Crispy duck skin is great. Haven’t had it in ages.


    2. Nerd Dad says:

      The yard has all kinds of voltage classes. The transformer in the photo has a 230kV high-side.


  2. 53old says:

    In the about you page….Is that a 230 yard you have pictured?


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