Making Baby Gruel

During our more recent doctor visit (6 month checkup) we got the green light to start trying real foods with Allie. Way told to start with veggies, then fruits, and finally meats. Orange veggies were recommended first.  The recommendation was also to only try one food at a time for a few days before moving on.  That way if there were allergies we have a better idea where they came from.

Before we even got the OK to start I had made the decision to at least try to make her baby foods. Mostly cause I enjoy to cook, I can control the ingredients, and it should end up at least slightly cheaper. After making first round of carrots and butternut squash, I will say it was pretty darn easy. Used my instapot and each took 10 min or less of steaming and maybe another 5 to blend and put into ice cube trays. Not a ton cheaper, especially since I went organic, but it didn’t take long and got about 15 meals of each veggie out of it.

I don’t have much of a recipe to post as it was simply carrots (or squash), steamed until tender, blended smooth with a little of the water from the steamer pot, and then put into ice cube trays.  Nothing ground breaking here.  In honestly they tasted OK.  Natural sweetness and all.  Highly recommend giving it a shot as it is easy and a good way to control what your kiddo is eating.  I wont pretend I will never buy store bought food, but figure if I can do 70% or more myself it can be considered a win.

Anyone gave some good, bad, or ugly baby food stories?


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  1. 53old says:

    My mom said I made it obvious I didn’t like beets….they had a difficult time getting the stains off of the wall. 🙂


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