Back At It


As anticipated, life got busy and I shoved the blog to the side.  Life is still busy, but time to give it a go again.  Lots of stuff going on that is worth sharing, so time to get back at it.  Going to commit to a post a week.  Nothing ambitious there, but its better than the zero a week I am currently averaging.

A few things I plan to add to the rotation to talk about:

  • Food and Recipes:  Going to go with a “Cut the BS” style and not provide a paragraph or two of a story before my recipe.  Drives me nuts when others do it, so I should practice what I preach.  I will restrict my opening statement to three sentences (Based on a book review format by a good friend Jess).  Also have learned some good lessons on nutrition that may be worth sharing.
  • Kiddo:  She is two years old, lots to share here.
  • Fitness:  Decided to take on three Spartan races this year and plan to do that again next year.  Tons of fun and learned lots of good things along the way.  Also going more team training programs, including Crossfit.
  • STEM:  Will try and nerd it up to.  Lots of good things around renewables going on and in the next few months I hope to start a research partnership with Colorado School of Mines.  Will try and keep things light and approachable.

More to come and lets see if I can keep at it longer.  Feel free to hassle me if I miss a week.  Accountability and all.

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